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Jarvis Bailey


Are you stuck in your career, contemplating college or your next job, transitioning out of the military, or just longing for direction and purpose? Look no further! Jarvis Bailey, a seasoned professional passionate about empowering individuals to unlock their true potential, is here to guide you on your journey.

With a lifetime of diverse experiences across multiple industries, Jarvis understands the intricate tapestry of life's paths and is uniquely equipped to help you find clarity and fulfillment. His quest to impact lives, add value, and inspire others has driven him to become a trusted Career & Personal Growth Expert through his company, Legacy Coaching.

Jarvis's journey began on Virginia's picturesque Eastern Shore, where he cultivated leadership skills as a high school quarterback. His educational pursuits at prestigious institutions such as Virginia Tech, Duke, and Old Dominion University further honed his knowledge and expertise. From military service as an Army Chaplain during the Gulf War to roles as a healthcare manager, business owner, pastor, non-profit director, educator, and even elected official, Jarvis has dedicated his life to assisting others in discovering and living out their unique design.

As a published author of the inspirational devotional "Three Minutes With God," Jarvis has touched countless lives and is eagerly preparing to release his second book in 2024. Drawing on his deep spiritual insights and biblical wisdom, he infuses his guidance with a transformative perspective, helping you align your career choices with your higher calling.

Beyond his impressive accomplishments, Jarvis cherishes his role as "Poppy" to his loving family. Married to his high school sweetheart for 38 years, he finds joy in the simple pleasures of Sunday dinners with loved ones and kite-flying adventures on the beach with his cherished granddaughter.

If you're ready to embark on a meaningful career journey, let Jarvis Bailey be your trusted companion and catalyst for purpose discovery. Together, you'll uncover your true calling, create a roadmap for success, and experience the fulfillment of living a life aligned with your divine design. Get ready to soar to new heights under the expert guidance of Jarvis, your Success Coach, and Career Direct Consultant.


Realign Your Values

How much do you know about values? It’s not something most of us consider on a daily basis. However, our values define who we are and how we make decisions. If you haven’t given your values much consideration recently, I have the perfect webinar for you!
During this experience, you will have the opportunity to examine your core values, delve deep into how they influence who you are, and learn techniques for living your life in accordance with them.
When discussing values, morals often come to mind. Learn the difference between the two and how they relate to one another. By identifying your values, you’ll be closer to achieving happiness and success. Join me and co-facilitator, Barbara Gustavson to learn how to live the life you are meant to live!

Your Values Are Uniquely Yours
From ambition to bravery, candor to pride, and everything in between, we all have a unique set of values. The way in which we choose to live our lives is dependent on the core set of values ingrained within us.
If you’ve noticed a lack of happiness in your life, it could be attributed to being out of touch with your core values.
Join Barbara Gustavson and I share questions to help you get back in touch with your values and back on track with living the life you deserve. Our goal is to teach you how to identify your values and provide techniques for applying them to get more out of life. This is an interactive experience where guests are given the opportunity to engage with one another and share their thoughts.
What are you waiting for?!

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