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Jarvis Bailey


"I'm on a mission from God to get the right people, in the right seat, on the right bus, going in the right direction." -Jarvis Bailey.

Jarvis Bailey always believed that he was created for something unique- and it only took him 60 years to figure it out! Once he did, Jarvis began the spirited pursuit of bringing to life his vision to impact lives, add value, and inspire others by helping them find their focus and purpose. Having served in multiple industries, Jarvis is ideally positioned to help people bring clarity and fulfillment to their life.

Born on Virginia's beautiful Eastern Shore, Jarvis began his leadership journey as a high school quarterback. He continued his education at Virginia Tech, Duke, and Old Dominion University. He entered military service as an Army Chaplain and served in the Gulf War. From veteran to healthcare manager, business owner, pastor, non-profit director, educator, and elected official, Jarvis has committed his life to assisting others in discovering and living their unique design.

Having written his first book in 2008, with his second book to be finished in 2023, Jarvis continues to demonstrate his dedication to helping others in practical ways, as demonstrated in his book "Three Minutes With God: A Weekly Devotional For Inspiration and Encouragement." Today Jarvis leads his company, CentrePointe Coaching, as a Career & Personal Growth Expert, though his favorite title will always be "Poppi." He's been married to his high school sweetheart for 38 years. Together in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia, they have three children and one grandchild. Jarvis says his perfect days are Sunday dinner with family and friends or flying a kite on the beach with his granddaughter.

Three Minutes with God

A Weekly Devotional for Inspiration and Encouragement

by Jarvis E. Bailey

Three Minutes with God

Three Minutes With God was written for busy people –those who can’t always make the time for devotions, but who realize the value it can add to their quality of life.  The methodology is simple – read, reflect and respond.  The scripture and the devotion are the same for the entire week, and there’s an opportunity for journaling and praying, as well as a call to action.  The book is a practical resource that is easy to use.  The reader, rather than feeling burdened by another task, will be encouraged and excited by the opportunity to slow down for a moment with God–three minutes to be exact. 


About the Author

The Reverend Jarvis E. Bailey is passionate about the benefits of faith and the positive impact it can have on a person’s life, and proposes that devotional time with God is a key element in unlocking and energizing that faith.  A Christian minister for 25 years, the author has served as an Army Chaplain, Senior Pastor, Church Planter, and a community and civic affairs leader.  Rev. Bailey believes that “the quality of a person’s life depends on the quality of their relationship with God,” and he has committed his life to helping others achieve the highest quality of life possible.

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